Modern & Creative web agency in Kathmandu

Eagle Vision IT has been around since 2012, and is a creative web agency in Kathmandu
that loves to build well-designed and keyword-optimized websites for companies.
We love WordPress & WooCommerce as a platform, but of course we adapt the
choice of platform to your requirements.
We work hard to get satisfied customers, and hope that we can
win your trust in your next web project.

What can we do for you?


We build websites from the ground up in WordPress and ensure that you get a modern and purposeful website that suits your needs. We follow the latest trends in design, texts and images.


Before we start creating your website, we will help you with your web strategy. We go through what the goal and purpose of your website is. Then we create the perfect website for you with your web strategy as a starting point.


The work with your website begins with a workshop where we look together at your company’s needs, the purpose of the page, customers and overall business goals. Then we build your website from the ground up based on this information.


To succeed with search engine optimization (SEO), you first need to do a thorough analysis of your website and competitors and then develop a suitable strategy. We help you succeed!


In addition to being an expert in building websites, we can also help your business with paid advertising such as google search and google shopping. We help you with analysis, strategy, execution, optimization, reporting and follow-up. 


Do you want help with increasing the conversion rate? In conversion optimization, it is ultimately about increasing your profits. We help you to give a complete analysis, which means, among other things, finding where on the website you have the biggest leak and then developing different hypotheses as to why you have problems.



We always work with the customer in focus and put pride in every satisfied customer. For us, it is important that you feel safe in the knowledge that we will do the best for you and your website.


We always stay up to date with the latest trends in web development and strive to be at the forefront. As soon as new directives come, we are on the track and can implement.


Our trust is based on satisfied customers. We always strive to help our customers in the best way. If you give us your trust, we promise to manage it well.

This is how we work

Our main focus is to help our customers from idea to
finished product in the best possible and most efficient way.
We work for the agile according to Scrum & Kanban by dividing the work into several different steps.
We always start with a planning and needs analysis phase, where we find out everything that needs to be done in the project. This is followed by a design phase where we create mockups on how everything should look.
After the design phase, we create user stories in a backlog that the developers then work on.
The customer is involved in the entire process and can follow the entire work continuously
and provide feedback.
Together we reach an end product in a much smoother way.

Our portfolio

Since 2012, we have worked with more customers in various industries such as restaurant, construction & electricity, fashion, and e-commerce.
Here we show some selected projects:

Let your business grow
with Eagle Vision IT!

We want to help you and your company reach new heights.
Contact us today, and discuss your future plans.

Meet our team
with Eagle Vision IT!

Bhuwan Bahadur Rokaha

Yam Bahadur Chhetri


Johan Nilsson


Yujesh Shrestha

Project Manager/ Sr. Developer

Pradip Aryal

Sr. Frontend Developer

Sanam Gurung

Backend Developer

Alonso Ramos

SEO Expert

B Chaudhary

Backend Developer

Bishal KC

Frontend Developer

Shakti Dahal

Sales Manager, USA

Manoj Gyawali

Financial Advisor

Kalpana Chhetri

Financial Officer

Chahana G.C

Content Manager

Anu Maharjan

Office Assistant

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Tips & Trick

The more familiar you are with your web project, the easier it will be to make demands on your supplier and it is
always good to be able to do a few things yourself. We regularly post tips & tricks on things you can
do yourself on your website or e-commerce.

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